Hold Onto Your Luck (LP)

by Trophywife

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Trophywife's highly anticipated sophomore album "Hold Onto Your Luck" is now available for download! This album is currently on sale for $3 instead of $5 while we're the featured artist on www.decoymusic.com!


released July 4, 2012

Recorded at Portrait Studios
Mastered by Chris Badami
Produced/Engineered and Mixed by John Ferrara (Trophy Scars) + Guest guitar solo on Thief
Jerry Jones (Trophy Scars) - Guest vocals on Thief
Tim Balch (Andross, YGATM) - Guest vocals on Thief
John Grater - Guest vocals on The Most Untraveled Path and Foothills



all rights reserved


Trophywife Harleysville, Pennsylvania

Trophywife is a progressive/post-hardcore quartet from the Philadelphia suburbs. Since their formation back in October of 2009, they've played shows feverishly, embarked on a two week tour around the east coast/mid west, recorded a full length and a music video all under two years. Each member has a completely different musical taste and background that has contributed to what is now Trophywife ... more

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Track Name: Thief
Vagrant howling lines intersect to step outside my body
Break down in air
Relax reveal and rewind the memory
Stare straight for no light is breaking
Content we lived outside a mind
Reconstruct with level heads

Don’t ask for which impression left
Footprints sewn upon the evidence

Break the hand you’re holding for it never tried to heal you
And leave the heart that stole the smile from beneath you
Thief take more than you know
Open my wide eyes and leave me behind
Someone who wants to remember
Well I'd rather be a failure than a fucking pretender
Have I really written this?
Never thought of what I’d say to mend it
As long as I feel like I exist
Within what we perceive to be reason
All the harm inside of me believes in freedom. They all leave scars their venom leaves you wanting more
For the sake of diversity stay the hell away from me

You know they say where theres a will there's a way "will it away"
Will it away will it away.
A small seem in the night
A thread bearing some light
You took those words
I can't remember
What a waste of my time
You say you know me
So nice and lonely
But you don't know me
I don't remember
What a waste of my time
What a waste of my time
You could steal the city
The dirt and pretty
Holes in this town ghosts in this town
I can't remember
I don't remember
What a waste of my time
What a waste of my time
Every locksmith
Every jury
You could steal a body
Unholy water
I can't remember
I don't remember
What a waste of my time
What a waste of my time
I could forge a river
You could forge a sentence
Rhetoric question
An open ending
I can't remember
I don't remember
What a waste of my time
Every locksmith
Every jury
You could steal a body

Unholy water
I can't remember
I don't remember
What a waste of my time
Waste of my time
Just leave me behind
Just leave me to die
Oh look you keep wasting my time again I don't know why.
You keep wasting my time wasting my time.
Track Name: The Most Untraveled Path
This house is the darkness but the dark's where my heart is
While racing down a more traveled path you'll notice all your roaming neighbors are fragile
Walk at a pace that is slow down a path uninhabited and unknown
You'll be sorry you were ever over being in such good company but still so alone
Try and crawl inside of every hole that you weren't man enough to call your own
You didn't call her home
You could have never grown
I am still trying to sleep
To hold a knife but not hold your head
I hear the words but I can’t understand them
To drag the pain through the dead
Till I develop an eye for you
It’s like watching you watch me
Now I understand
Intervene inconsistently
Oh my eyes will shake and shake
Haven’t you noticed?
I saw this coming
I saw this I saw this decaying from underneath
(Past all the doubts of unrequited love sits the figurehead with his judgements cast
A faint voice breaks out and says "Pain caused is real enough to see the truth keep those that say lies keep my pesky visitors away”)
Call her home
I crossed the line to see the dust cover their eyes
It's no surprise
Don't call her home
Oh no no no
Call her home
Track Name: XI
The day started normally my bad dream just wouldn't leave.
I saw her get cut in half but no it didn't bother me.
I walked by two churches on the same block.
It all seemed relevant but for what?
You know I never bothered to ask
Did you find it funny when I offered you advice on destroying your past?
Promise me you laughed cause I know I am
He's got the writer’s block of a runaway
Afraid to put in such a permanent ink what he knows they'll say
God please stay as we run away
Never take for granted something that's been given to you as a gift he said
I don’t have a way to express the pain in my head.
I looked up at him and said
Keep your vices in check and your heart will impress you with how much it can forgive
God please stay as we all run away
And we all know why it was just too much to show up this time to show up tonight
Oh the bitterness that I have seen worn and tattered on your sleeve
From the sweater I made you out of all my self-esteem.
Wear it out please wear it out without a doubt I couldn't care less.
If these words are marks on your body and these antagonists are all of my friends
I still couldn't care less

Find a different means to make it end.
You're like a splinter in my finger but I can't keep it still
There’s so much happiness that lingers but let’s forget the heart it filled.
I will drain this place of all its nutrients
Go town to town wearing down the people that love me
Someday soon I'll lose the good fight from inside my own cocoon
We are only as sick as the sum of our secrets
Some say it was human kinds first mistake to love so strongly with a heart that breaks
But I believe it to be our greatest strength to stay unwavering in love while the world loses its faith.
I'll trade you a title for a body let's see which one they ask for
And I thought about all the things you said that kept me here that kept me fed
Glass molded frame
Drawing curtains closed
Both arms losing distance
Stopping dead in set tracks
Circle back again
This old paved road
It always leads to stone
Surrounded by these homes
Only one enclosed half a circle shown
Oh how long I’ve longed to know
Just how long you’ve been awake
Track Name: Event Horizon
Please take me back to a place where things weren't settling underneath.
Here I wear a crown of broken kingdoms and pillaged towns
Where we stand around
Friends we've lost and friends we've found
I see a place where we can speak without the holes in our feet
From walking to where we need to be
A place free of everything
There has to be a place where we can choose to live where every day doesn't feel like this
Please take me back to a place where things weren't settling underneath.
Lie through your teeth
I’m through with these visionary beliefs
Making myself out to be any of these wasteful dreamers
Since true sailing is dead I think I'll swallow a few of you leeches sticking to my skin
You could never make out my compass bucked off horse latitudes
You've been row row rowing an empty boat harshly through the sea merrily merrily
Real life is in your dreams
I’ll hold this all together
And all the while the sovereign woods will lead us home
But you never know which home to call your own
Your own your own you’re homeless in spirit
And I won’t miss it
In all the static I keep trying to breathe
But I just grind my teeth turn them red just to stop all of the thoughts that I read from surfacing
Choke on the name live in the memories but it's all just a book that I read in my sleep
It was titled "The Past: Filled with Dead Hopes and Lost Dreams".
When can I start a different passage how does the parting begin?
All I know now is the food I've been fed.
Love lie lust and loathe just to try and live again
When can I start a different passage?
How does the parting begin?
Track Name: Foothills
I never meant any harm but where do I begin?
Oh how gracious a host
I’ve been
In making my heart a home
But still I let you in dressed in black and old blood
Like a perfect gentlemen
Like a perfect gentlemen
Bad thoughts understood
Bad thoughts plug her in
Out of sight out of mind
I'll hold this animals mouth closed
So warm the breath proceeds

Over and under me
I've been building an arc to take us away from the way we all used to be
Bring only two of your kind yourself and someone you want to die by
If you were listening you would have seen me as I shouted "don't watch me"
All of these questions never asked (watch the hand that feeds me)
The words that forged the mast
Carry me from one to the next (in the name of secrecy)
Drug it to death bury its head amongst the rest of them
Support without a neck (I keep these black lies behind my white teeth)
Darkness feeds the man who asks for it to understand
I don’t need your words stitched inside of me
Cause all you need is the blood you breathe and the air that defeats
In the dark skin you buried light now see what no one can see
For all those that give god help: no one is majestic
Washed ashore I’m driftwood in store for a more Interesting story
I’m trying my hardest not to find it all boring
My dearest love and lies (no one is majestic)
Track Name: Pocket Knives
Build me in a fortress you've made out of petty things
I will decide to bury my mind but you'll still think that you can read mine
You can't read mine.
I'm crying come and see this world is far too close for me to breathe in this air to swim in this sea
I'm already uncomfortably close to nothing
Close to nothing
Count on all your feelings sparingly
To me this earth moves much too slowly
Come and find me in the house built from everything that you left out in suspense of whats to come
Don't leave my finger on the gun
Because I do believe in a world of what’s to come
Should I find myself without anywhere to run turn me a servant into a make believe artist of uncommon dignities
Uncommon dignities
I'm not leaving without blood on my hands neck and face
Put down a tragedy placed inside a makeshift ghost of me
I'm trying to give these people something to fight about
You're out of breath
You're in denial
You're acting now
Play dumb a while
You're out of breath
You're in denial
Play dumb
Play dumb
Play dumb and look down
You're out of breath
You're in denial
You're acting now
Force a smile
Don’t expect them to direct their anger at anyone but you
That’s right haven’t you heard?
What they’ve been through
Oh no how could you?
I'm not leaving
I'm not leaving without a war
I'm not leaving
Track Name: A Title for a Body
Like a blind flame try and find try and find your way
Through a maze so cold and surrounded by your thoughts clamoring for the sown
Ideas you never gave a second chance rising on their own.
Like a blind flame they trap this place your mind is at and keep you feeling down
You are a despondent mess
It's rare to see anyone not like this in town
Cause these days we all feel like hiding when there's nothing we can pride ourselves in
In the end just pretend you're comfortably dying
We all have to see the truth and let it rain down on us
Give me a free life
Give me a true life into an even truer death
You know this you know this quiet crucifix is growing very old
Do you hear it when it's obvious?
We have a liar’s tongue that’s fixed on bringing change through our ego
Take all I’ve grown into your empty moans
We’re all just pawns to pass the time
There’s no one here to try you
All of your judges are deceased
Strangled them with your indifference
Some lost source of heat
Bring upon the healing that I asked for
That we asked for
Just hold on
Track Name: Rooting out a Skeleton
Hold onto your luck
It’s yours to take
Not holding breath for you to speak
Let that city wind invest in all the promises you’ll make but never keep
If we wait for you to wake we’d all die of old age
A friend once lost a love we’ll never wage
The door could never close too hard
Amends I’ll never want to make
You are a ghost to the world
There is nothing you can do to prove to them what you used to feel
Try and show them that you are real
It will never work
Only alive to those that have died and you seek the forgiveness of the living
You can't find solace where you can't find giving
All the little soldiers we are up against the wall up against the wall
Marching in a death walk
Let's ask who death stalks.
All the little soldiers we are up against the wall up against the wall
Marching in a death walk
Let's ask who God’s marked
Bring him forward but don't believe him
Kept imprisoned
Break his spirit
Stories without endings suffer the consequences of living in hell
Depending on fences everybody's got a story to tell
But it's hard to hear them when their burning in hell
So write your story down
I’ve been lurking underneath the surface of something bigger for so long
I’ve been too busy imagining and forgot how to finish this song
But now were here so sing along
Listen closely and don't you forget
Curiosity killed the cat
But certainty certainly soiled it