An Innocent Orphan in the Post​-​Modern World (LP)

by Trophywife

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Trophywife's debut full length


released January 8, 2011

Mixed/Mastered by Carson Slovak at Atrium Audio

Artwork by Kevin Flagler

Lead Vocals: Justin Harrison
Lead Guitars/Clean Vocals: Dan Reguera
Rhythm Guitars/Vocals: Dan Mugrauer
Bass: Brian Brennan
Drums: Chris Fox



all rights reserved


Trophywife Harleysville, Pennsylvania

Trophywife is a progressive/post-hardcore quartet from the Philadelphia suburbs. Since their formation back in October of 2009, they've played shows feverishly, embarked on a two week tour around the east coast/mid west, recorded a full length and a music video all under two years. Each member has a completely different musical taste and background that has contributed to what is now Trophywife ... more

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Track Name: The Nomadic
Left hollow this pain won't subside

They stitched the words on the inside

Now the air I breathe seeps from the seam and it blinds me

You say I'll stay asleep so I can breath slowly

I say I'll stay awake so I can stop hurting her

My sutures rip without the seam holding my chest together

All this weight inside me, it will not hold

Left hollow this pain won't subside

They stitched the words on the inside

Now the air I breathe seeps from the seam and it blinds me.

I rejected any and all involvement sporadically weaving in and out like a needle through thread

I never once stopped and asked for directions, I shouldn't feel lost

And now it feels like my body is being ripped apart by those needles I've been carelessly weaving with

The best choice I ever made

It was the best choice I ever made

Left hollow this pain wont subside

They stitched the words where we can't find

Now the air I breathe seeps from the seam

So just shut your mouth to keep the warmth from spilling out

Just shut your mouth
Track Name: Mr. Shakes
Hello my name is Mr. Shakes I'm the one who took myself away

I watched you play your songs today

I'm stuck between two worlds they say

Don't close your doors I like to watch

They shut so tight I'm forced to knock

I call your name hoping he's not

Today I'll watch your hiding spot

I made these doors with these two hands

Uneven they hold the white they bare

Hoping they'll stay so I can stare

I'm too cold and alone this house too scared

I took myself, I'm here to stay

You noticed me

The nights, the days

I'll stay here until it becomes my day

Hello my name is Mr. Shakes

I'm the one who took myself away
Track Name: A Bleeding Dark Horse
Blocking pathways to my honesty you have lied and taken all of me

Cutting shortcuts to my honesty I have lied and it's taken all of me, so ironically

I don't have anything to give you from my leaping thoughts

But if you thought you could see, you'd see

Mountains of disbelief in everything that you think

I never wanted you to stay

I only needed it front of me

You said you knew what you had to do

But I knew

You were in for the coldest summer nights

The bleakest outlooked life

The one you can't face yourself

And mistake this place for hell

He told me "You will never regret not putting up with this"

"You will never regret..." but I'll never know

We've all seen the hunter become the hunted

A savior from the engine saves them all

But you'll die alone with everything that you think you know

With everything that you think you know

The longer I stay, I steal from them

Both sides have died and relived again

But I know I will live to say

I’m lying to the healthy side of them

It never changes

Tell me what the legend said

Dig deeper redeemer

Forgiveness is not six feet cheaper

Forgiveness is six feet away

I promise they will ask you "how far along?"

Well you don't have to

You don't know how far till you've gone too long

And I'm the one whose wrong for waiting by that window all day long

You forget, you forget

Things were never wrong yesterday
Track Name: Ouranophobia
I fear this search is unquenchable

Do you know who I am?

The earth is shifting under the weight, the birth of your child is late

But wait do you know who I am?

Keep our soul inside keep our soul inside this blanket, keep our soul where you can

Heaven my fear of heaven, heaven my fear of heaven

I won't let you fall down from the heavens

Heaven, my fear of heaven

We will not let these skies fall under our horizon

Keep our soul inside, keep our soul inside this blanket we've made it's hard to breathe, it's hard to speak when I live this life in escape again and again

All these wings buried in my back will weigh me down

All the people I've taught to fly will weigh me down

All these wings buried in my back will weigh me down

All the people I've taught to fly will weigh me down

All the people I've taught to fly will leave me on the ground

Keep our soul inside

Keep it
Track Name: Dusty June
Reminded of a wolf in sheep's clothing

Ripping apart at the corpse of a lady in red who can only be saved by a single cigarette

(You can try but he is blind in another man's eyes)

You're a spring that never sprung, a "walk" when I've been told to run

You are all of the words that I can speak of the uses of a gun

Your three options are as follows, friend: leave, get away or get gone.

Too many fallen from lyrics of songs, and too much pretending you're right when you were wrong

I'm burying your body and I'm burying your song

I'm burying the pleasantries because they've gone on for too long

I've never been one to care for the careless

This is the sound of your life falling apart, don’t you tell me that I live in the dark. I have these stones between my toes to prove I have no soul. I’ve been blinded by the children’s “art”. The fake, the fake, the fake. I love so many things, so many things that have no meaning. They take it try you so very hard. The individual, we can breakdown who we are. And it makes me feel like we are the only ones designed only to bring ourselves to justice when we have a substance in us that makes us question everything. But we live in a world where everyone questions us. We were not designed to be controlled. We were not designed to be controlled. I have these stones in my heels to prove I have no soul anymore. For any part of me. How wrong was I? How wrong? How wrong was I? I am a whore for justice. Someone smite me.
Track Name: God Collar
The sun shone through his shoulders

The vision shined in his eyes

He was one of the chosen

The last of his kind

He spoke to everyman who listened

Their ears were his vice

He spread the good word as a messenger

One who claimed to see the light

He was so enlightened

In his mind he would die

Just to prove as loyal to his god

But no father a disguise

Put over the faces of the elders

Tired as they were of coping day to day

With the relentless threatening gaze

The wilderness they kept at bay

Their lovers would all be taken

For their children it was not safe to play

Out in a place of chaos surrounded by this haze

Unable to pierce the fog

They uncovered a blinding light

Called it something holy

Called it something pure

They had the vilest of feelings

As they turned to the lord

And it carried throughout

In their desperation and dismay

They sealed mans fate to this very day

At one time crusading for the land in his name

Well things have happened

Times have changed

There is a holy war over your mind

That land they fought for has run dry

Have you all run dry?

They took their greed and called it prophecy

They laid their schemes and shouted dynasty

I am not an outward mockery but I try to see the truth


The truth is they are beautiful

The truth is they are golden

Truth be told they hide their scars

The fellowship of thy kin

Building these houses on shaking stilts

It's harder to see the pillars

When you see the people growing between

The foundations are a rouse

I believe in the ground

Can you feel the morals on the back of your neck?

Does your conscious keep you to it?

Why do these sanctuaries seem so cold?

Remember you gave them

Remote control

I will never be a part of something beautiful

I'll be the ugly one

To show you all what the worlds become

The ugly one

Punished when I commit a sin

Like a dog that doesn't understand

The ugly one

I'll be the ugly one.
Track Name: Resolving Host
Know anything I dont want you to know

Know anything I don’t know anything

Are we we alone here without any place in time I lean hard to my right just to let my enemies decide Everything is a crime when I bare it in mind I just wish you could know all those times that I lied

I’m not sorry no bother I’ve come empty my father while mother sits crying “son you’ve sold us to slaughter”

Eyes anchored shut

I'm left to dream inside a world

Interwoven in between these images of you and me

Don’t wake me up

Take these skies and burn them by the clouds overlooking the buildings that tower over our graves

The only proof we were here while we still wait for the day when the feelings are mutual

All while knowing the same things we thought that we thought were the same

But they aren’t they aren’t the same thing

We are alone

Pavement and cobblestone streets rest beneath their feet

They walk on different sides

No they will never meet

Coincidence instills

The countless thrills

From inside their rooms

The atmosphere blooms

And takes them away

To another place another day

Where the world looks just as grey as they do

It looks just as grey
Track Name: Capoeira
Just because we have the same day

Of awakening doesn't mean I have to live the same life of shame and pain

That you believe is in your stars

Count on me to leave out that part, of the story, No one needs to know this

I'm going to plant you as a seed

And watch you grow into the ugliest tree

This is me extracting my revenge

On you all, on myself

I have been so wrong lying seemed to catch on, lying to myself

Theres only one way I can set things straight

Forfeiting my will to create never led never led me more astray.

See what you are asking is the worst

It is taxing everyone surrounding your wasted body to die a little bit with you

And just now I've played along and sang your pathetic dying song

That lovers dance to when they linger on and they hold on

And they hold on, and the air that flows in and out of every breath that the failures get when they wait

When they wait for it, to come back again

oh please won't you come back again

Just stitch your eyes

But not on me

It's all so strange to lose

We'll stall, we'll fall asleep

While I'm reaching out

I'm breaking these fingers back

Straight face in painting

We'll close these eyes collectively

But I know we'll see, we'll have to see

Let's say we love them

But not stray our hearts from thee (what do you know? do you know who you are?)

Let's not stray (Cause I don't know who I am, let alone who engraved these plans in the palms of your hands)

Crawl between and grow

You can never be bigger than the people on either side of you

Crawl between and grow you can never grow as the anti host
Track Name: The Ocean & Machines
We found a failures heart
Track Name: The Lust Son; The Lost Sun
Somewhere between the ocean and machines

Where my only means of communication was to live on and off of other breathing dying animals

Animals that have seen too many days of life sifting through haze

Haze brought to the valley by vultures of a distant land

Brought on the wind beneath their wings the sins of a dead kingdom plague us

They are trapped. We are trapped. I, I am trapped.

But maybe, maybe we can learn to live inside the lines that have been drawn around us

In search of their one true king, led by victims followers sing

They Sing

"We Found A Failures Heart."